“Editing is a critical and necessary part of the writing process, but in the wrong hands it can be executed with machine numbness. When you work with Michelle, however, you will find a committed partner for your work. Her finesse with the written word is as palpable as her passion for it. She is a consummate professional, and her warm communication feels like an empowering gesture from a friend. I could not have been happier with her skill, her support, and her generosity with her time. Michelle was the absolute best choice I could have made for City of Roses, and I will assuredly be working with her again in the future. She has earned my unconditional recommendation.” Donovan Pruitt | City of Roses

“Michelle is a very talented editor and a perfect professional. In addition to having a deep and thorough understanding of advanced creative writing techniques and terms, Michelle is also friendly, responsive and encouraging. She made me feel at ease from the first moment we started working together on my novel, THE STORM. Not only did she draw up a plan to tackle the edits on a very aggressive timeline, she actually managed to beat that timeline when I needed the edits done even faster. To top it off, she gave me a detailed and very helpful critique of the novel as a whole, and was extremely supportive as I went through the agenting process. I am happy to report that I have now signed on with a prestigious agency in New York City. It is a pleasure to give Michelle my most unreserved and enthusiastic recommendation.” Arif Anwar | The Storm

“Michelle was terrific in every way. Her insight and professionalism added to my book’s readability and eliminated a multitude of errors – caught after a number of others had proofed the document. I am grateful for her help and would use her services again in a moment.” Keith Miles | The Lincoln Authority

“Michelle is one of those rare book editors with the power to open your eyes to things you didn’t see before, to infuse the author with the confidence to succeed and to foster your ideas into a well crafted story. Michelle played a major role in the editing and development process of my book, and as a result, my story is better than it could have been without her. Michelle is more than just an editor/critiquer. She is a gifted fiction enthusiast and an inspiring presence in my work. I also think of her as a friend. I look forward to our next project together and I cannot recommend her enough to other authors.” Jeremy Morgan | Opposite Extremes

“Michelle was a pleasure to work with. Most enjoyable was the personal interest she took in my project. Professionalism and intelligence go a long way, but personality and connection are the final pieces for me, and Michelle had all these qualities in spades.” Blake Madden | The Green Screen

“Michelle was an amazing editor to work with. She was very thorough and sent me revisions as she went, so I was able to revise my work along the way. She was an amazing cheerleader and encouraged me with insightful, uplifting comments and suggestions. My work is 1000 times better having had Michelle’s eyes on it!” Abigail Carter | Remember the Moon: A Novel

“Michelle is an excellent editor. She has great attention to detail, and her suggestions are both thoughtful and instructive. She is flexible in the manner in which she will present your edits, which I think is key–everyone works differently, and Michelle adapts to the writer’s needs.” Jacqueline Hames | Bound

“Michelle has a sharp eye for small details without losing sight of the larger story. She works hard to provide the highest quality feedback. Her critiques were instrumental to my growth and development as a writer and to being published. Besides all that though, Michelle is simply a pleasure to work with.” Rachel Cross | Rock Her

“Michelle treated my very first book as her own, crafting it into a true work of art. Her advice helped me reach my potential as a writer. She challenged me to stay focused on accomplishing my goal, which I did. Michelle wants nothing more than to see your book fulfill your dreams. Give her a chance; she definitely won’t disappoint you.” Andre Jeter | Five Moons of Pluto

“I loved working with Michelle. She gave very good feedback on my book and helped make it even better with useful suggestions and writings. Her editing skills are excellent. She also always delivered faster than on time. If you are looking for a passionate editor who will help you give birth to your book, you have come to the right person.” Jeannette Zeuner | How to Self-Publish Your Book

“It was a thrill to discover Michelle and have her exceptional editing skills at my disposal during the writing process. Her constructive criticism and attention to detail helped me tighten weak sections, eliminate any typos and POV slips, and allowed my plot and overall story elements to really shine. Despite being unfamiliar with the epic fantasy genre, she dedicated herself to my cast of characters and continuously offered feedback on aspects of their personalities. She gave me real quality advice and editing from start to finish.” Henry McCulloch | Evarde’s Legacy

“Michelle is not just an editor (with a capital E), she is a real mentor, especially if you are a beginning author like me. I really enjoyed working with her, communicating and exchanging ideas with her. I could go on to praise Michelle across an entire page, but to make it short, I am not exaggerating when I say: without Michelle, I couldn’t publish my book.” Jean-Louis McMillan | Desire & Prejudice

“Michelle is fun to work with. Her critiques were insightful and she pointed out things I had not noticed, particularly social issues and comments that could be misunderstood in certain subcultures. She also worked to make my writing stronger and suggested changes in sentence structure or deletion of weakening words. She really gets into your story and characters, making observations about their personalities and goals. I think of Michelle as more than an editor, but as a writing enabler who’s there to help your story sing as well as mind the p’s and the q’s.” Rachelle Ayala | Hidden Under Her Heart and Knowing Vera

“Not only did Michelle give me the edit super quick, she acknowledged and believed in my work, which made me feel that this creation of mine was in good hands. This meant so much to me because it took a lot of courage to write a book nonetheless share it with someone. Michelle was also quite honest and direct about what needed work and where the writing was really strong. That feedback was so valuable. Michelle was always available and responded to inquiries, usually within hours. Her skills also go beyond editing as she formatted my book, referred a book cover artist and even uploaded my book to Amazon, etc. I am very grateful that I found someone as nurturing and responsive as Michelle to support me as I made a dream come true.” Dr. Sweta | I still haven’t found what I’m looking for… Now What? 21 Days to Clarity and Confidence

“Michelle was awesome to work with! She paid close attention to the details of my book. She was always available when I needed to chat with her about any issues I was running into. I’m going to hire her in a heartbeat for my next novel!” Ryan Stone | Backpackers Guide: The Secret to Traveling & Working Australia

“Michelle takes pride in her work and it really shows. I felt good about the draft I sent her, but she found so many ways to improve it (beyond my expectations) that I ended up with something so much more: a shiny novel I felt confident about. She provides smart, constructive feedback that’s always helpful and never mean-spirited. She knows the ins and outs of not only grammar, structure, and storytelling but also the industry. Hiring her for my novel was one of the best decisions I’ve made as an author, and I have every intention of asking for her help with future projects. In addition to her editing expertise, Michelle is a positive influence. Since our first interaction she’s been right there to encourage and motivate me. She’s not the kind of editor who’ll take your money, do the bare minimum, and then be done with you. Rather, Michelle is the kind of editor who’ll tease out your best words, go above and beyond to help you improve, and then maintain a friendly relationship. Thank you for believing in me, Michelle!” Jill Zero | No Pain, No Jane

“It was a great pleasure to work with Michelle. Her constructive critique and edits catapulted my book from average to excellent. Without her, I would have never been able to achieve this level of clarity and at the same time precision in the construction of my novel. Michelle thoroughly polished my awkward syntax so the readers would not have to guess what the author had in mind! Additionally, she has given me invaluable guidance during the publishing process. Thanks again, Michelle!” Tomasz Chrusciel | Illusive Intrusion