Fiction Book Editor


Few things in life give me greater pleasure than helping aspiring authors reach their writing dreams. Editing is my passion. The written word is how I express, and shaping story is what I do.

Hi, I’m Michelle Josette. After creating in 2013, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Fiction Edit, a new editing service I’ve founded on the the same basic principles as mjbookeditor – namely, to champion your writing career with a personal and professional edit, and to ensure you love your finished manuscript.

Fiction Edit features a growing team of talented, highly rated book editors, added services, a more frequently updated blog, tons of writers’ resources, and an improved Premium Edit. Our goal is to take your story to the next level and engage readers by promoting your author platform. Click here to visit, our new home.

Completing a manuscript is an accomplishment you should feel proud of! You worked hard to get it done, and we’ll work hard to help you polish your manuscript until it shines.